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About Us

Santiago Relocation Chile provides relocation services to companies who are moving employees
to Chile.

Our combined experiences expatriates, knowledge about the local housing market and our valuable contacts with national and international schools, allows us to easily handle the challenges that come with relocating an executive to Santiago.


Our aim is to guarantee a smooth and efficient transition for the executive and his family, so they can deal with the social and professional aspects of their new home as quickly as possible.


We stand out by offering:

• Personalized service

• Attention to detail

• Catering to management requirements

• Fluency in English and Spanish

• Confidentiality

Our Team

Bárbara Karkling Meza



Barbara studied Business Administration, and has extensive experience in multinational companies, doing business in Retail and Health.

She has embarked on projects related to tourism and consulting for companies in their commercial planning and customer service.


Leonora Hernández Mansfeld



Leonora studied Tourism and has considerable experience in aviation, travel agencies and automated booking systems. In addition, she has worked as a consultant for the travel industry, with a focus on improving customer service and satisfaction. She is fluent in English and Spanish.

Soledad Ilabaca Munchmeyer



Soledad studied Communication and Advertising in Chile and subsequently

obtained a post-graduate degree in Marketing and Sales from the University of California, Los Angeles. She lived abroad for 20 years, during which time she worked as an Educational Consultant in London, New York and Buenos Aires, for School Choice International. She is fluent in English and Spanish.


Valerie Hardy



Valerie is a language teacher.  Born in France, she grew up in South Africa.  As an adult, Valerie lived for 25 years, in Spain, UK, Venezuela and Argentina, before moving to live in Chile. Valerie fully understands the challenges and problems that a person can encounter when moving to live in a new country.  Valerie is fluent in English, Spanish and French.

Our Services

We will contact the client before his arrival with a presentation letter and a relocation questionnaire.  We also offer a conference call to discuss particular issues that may concern the client.  Once we have reviewed their specific needs, requirements and expectations, we can offer a customized relocation program tailored to the executive and his family.


Temporary and/or Permanent Housing search

School Search


Departure Assistance

Assistance in processing local paperwork


Client Feedback

  • I am the relocation manager for the Americas...
    Gabbie Chen



    I am the relocation manager for the Americas for a large consulting firm with global locations in over 90 countries. Our relocation program includes comprehensive support for our transferees and their families to help them transition as seamlessly as possible.


    I was immediately impressed with how professional Leonora and Soledad were and how well they understood the challenges of expatriates. They also understood my role and

    what was expected of them. It was an immediate relief for me to know that I will be working with two very competent, service oriented people who had our best interest at heart. However, it was not until after I started working with Leonora and Soledad that I truly understood the depth of their knowledge and expertise, their understanding of the challenges of expats, the tremendous value they added, how well connected they are, and their ability to anticipate issues, problem solve, find solutions and guide us to the best decisions.


    I recommend Santiago Relocation Chile wholeheartedly. They are the Gold Standard in their field. My frequent comment to Leonora and Soledad was “I wish I can clone you for all my other locations!” They love what they do, they’re good at it, and it shows. They are the perfect destination service provider and I am sincerely grateful to them for their hard work and efficient support. They made a complex process much less stressful and even fun!

  • El servicio que Sole y Leo entregan es de una excelente calidad...

    Sergio Montiel


    "El servicio que Sole y Leo entregan es de una excelente calidad. Son super personales y atentas a los detalles. El background que tienen, habiendo ellas mismas siendo viajeras del mundo, agrega mucho valor cuanto estas llegando a una nueva ciudad. La experiencia de llegar a Chile ha sido mucho más fácil y calurosa gracias a ellas dos. Con los ojos cerrados las he recomendado y las seguiré recomendando."

    SVP Latinamerica

    Refinery Leadership Partners Inc.

  • If you get the opportunity to have this company...
    Andrew Robinson & Rosahlena



    If you get the opportunity to have this company take care of your relocation you are definitely off to the best start possible in Santiago. Leonora and Soledad's thorough approach really made my family and I feel very comfortable here in Santiago literally from the time we stepped off the plane. They thought of everything and handled all the (what could be tricky) communications with all the necessary services, banks schools etc. Their very personalised service will go a long way to ensuring your relocation is a happy and exciting one for all involved.

    Origin Energy

  • They have helped us with a wide range of aspects...
    Thomas Schmidt


    Santiago relocation

    To whom it may concern, On August 3rd, 2012 my family and 1 relocated to Santiago, Chile from Copenhagen, Denmark. We are a family of 6 (wife and 4 children aged 4 to 12 plus our nanny).


    I am a senior partner with McKinsey & Company and have been with the Firm more than 20 years.

    The process started already in April 2012 and Santiago Relocation has been with us all the way. Santiago Relocation was selected by our Firm to help us with the transition.


    They have helped us with a wide range of aspects around our relocation ranging from finding and renting the right house for us, selecting and enrolling in the right school for our three older children, selecting the right the pre-kinder for our youngest, enrolling in the sports club near our house to actually convincing my wife that this could be the right place for us.


    The attention and help has been outstanding. We have faced many challenges during the first months that needed attention, and we have always been able to rely on Santiago Relocation. Their personal attention and understanding - and willingness to help with whatever was need, was a tremendous help for usas a family, and for me to be able to get well off the ground at work.


    Santiago Relocation has a profound understanding of the city and they are well networked. This allows for a quick overview, evaluation and selection of opportunities.


    I would be happy to act as a point of reference, should you need further information about our experience.

  • I can highly recommend Santiago Relocation if ...
    Hanne Langmoen


    I can highly recommend Santiago Relocation if you are moving to Santiago, and want help settling in. The team is highly professional, yet very friendly - and they can help you with everything ranging from housing & schooling to getting the right papers and all the administrative things in order. I honestly do not know what I would have done without them, as I did not speak Spanish and did not understand the local culture & requirements.

Contact us



Our clients' queries, comments and observations are always welcomed, as this helps us make sure that we are always providing the best possible service.  Our Facebook page is also available for this purpose.

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